WELCOM TO KNOFO RESTAURANT  

Our restaurant name

The name of our restaurant is Knofu, we called it that name because in our restaurant we only      offer Turkish kunafa to our customers .                                                                                                              

The location of our restaurant is very special, as it is located in the city of Sultan Ahmed. We chose this city because it is the most crowded city of Istanbul with tourists, in addition to all types of transportation available in it and it is close to the Bosphorus as well  .                                                                                 




Coming to our restaurant is very easy, our restaurant is located in a very special place where you can come by using the tramway or by bus, taxi or ship and then walk a little .                                                 





The wall decor in our restaurant is very special. Every six months, we allow local artists to display their drawings on the wall of our restaurant. Thus, customers in our restaurant can buy the paintings they like, and so we have supported local artists  . In addition when our customers take selfies with those paintings and post them on . .Instagram we'll get free advertising                                         


 And our restaurant contains a wide area of ​​green plants because it is comfortable and helps purify the air and give psychological comfort to our customers . Tables in our restaurant are made for six people, and are covered with red and white fabrics.                                                                                                 






Our  criteria to recruit our staff are                                                              


At first we announce the job, then receive applications, sort names and lists after it, define personal interviews, then choose the appropriate employees according to the dealings, and the self-confidence 

Good conduct that is evident or not during the interview  .                                           








Our restaurant is very famous and is dedicated to serving Turkish kunafa only. Everyone who wants to taste the most delicious Turkish kunafa dish goes to our restaurant                             





Our working hours start from five in the morning until nine in the evening                                   



حجم الخط
تباعد السطور